House for hedgehogs

Hedgehog house

Price: €39.95

House the hedgehogs in a cosy home - they are excellent for getting rid of slugs in the garden! This hedgehog house is very sturdy and made from cedar, for a long life. It is suitable for hibernation, breeding and summer shelter. It is water-tight, and the raised floor keeps out the damp. Its solid construction withstands accidental contact with strimmers or mowers, and a small porch allows acces for hedgehogs but discourages predators. At the back of the house is a hinged door which allows access for annual cleaning and access to sick or pet hedgehogs. Locate in a sheltered spot, out of and pointing away from prevailing wind. Gather leaves and dry grass around the house, as well as a few handfuls of dry leaves or grass inside the box to encourage nesting. Nationwide delivery. Please note, items displayed on this website may not be available in each of our shops.  (A)​