The power of petrol, minus the petrol

Drop into one of our shops in Monkstown, Airfield or Dunboyne to see the Ego PowerPlus range of garden tools. We have a selection in each shop, and we can deliver anywhere in the country with 2-3 days. See prices and browse the range.

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Gardening should really be a 'green' activity. After all, it deals with plants, soil and the outdoors. However, the care of our gardens is still largely reliant on fossil fuels and can be a noisy, smelly and expensive pastime. Browse our range of powerful, 56 volt cordless garden tools...

Thankfully, the chemical aspect to gardening is in decline, as we come to realise its many negative effects. Plummeting insect and bird populations, increased cancer rates and scares over water purity have taught us that chemicals are more of a problem than a solution, and have no place in the garden. 

In 2014 we purchased a 100% electric car to get to and from work in our shop. (A Nissan Leaf: we thought the name was appropriate). Four years later, with 100,000kms on the clock, we have saved over €10,000 worth in fuel but spent only approx €2,000 on electricity. The car requires nominal servicing as it has no clutch, oil, gears or anything that can go wrong. It gets new wiper blades, occasional new types and a good clean. But best of all it is quiet, unbelievably zippy and produces no direct emissions. Performance wise, it has better accelleration than any boy racer we've ever encountered, has more than enough range for the day-to-driving and still has the same battery performance it did when new.

The moral of this little story is that electric motors are far superior to petrol or diesel engines. We've known this for years with our blenders, drills and washing machines. The big problem has been power storage. Mobile phones started out as big  and heavy as a brick and are now able to slip into a shirt pocket. The battery in an electric car is sufficient to move 2 tonnes or more over 450kms. We're now getting used to cordless vacuum cleaners that are sufficient for day-to-day cleaning. So now finally we have cordless electric garden tools that have sufficient power and range to be useful.

We did  some research into cordless electric garden tools and came across a brand that we hadn't seen before: Ego. It got the highest ratings in various tool testing websites and had great customer reviews. After a bit more digging we found out that we could sell it in Ireland, so this year we're excited to add a modest selection of 100% battery powered mowers, strimmers, blowers and hedge cutters. The thing that appeals most about the Ego range is the battery. Batteries are measured in two ways: by their amps, which is in effect the size of the 'tank' if comparing it to a traditional petrol mower. So, the higher the amps, the greater the capacity. The other measure for a battery is the volts, which measures the power output. So, with a garden tool, or a car for that matter, low amps and low volts will means limited range and limited power. The Ego battery has 56 volts, which provides the same power as a strong petrol engine, but without the petrol. As to amps, there are a couple of options, but most Ego batteries are 5 or 6 amps, which can store enough power for 40-50 minutes of hard work - and recharge time is very fast.

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Here are some of the benefits of using Ego power garden tools:

  • All the power of petrol, minus the petrol
  • Superior battery technology and performance, compared to any other on the market.
  • Battery is interchangeable between all Ego tools.
  • Fast recharge times of as little as 25 minutes - time for a cup of tea.
  • 5 year guarantee for and 3 year battery guarantee (domestic users).
  • Kinder to your ears, hands, wallet and the environment.
  • Less vibration, less noise, more user-friendly.
  • No trips to the petrol station and no need to store fuel.
  • Light and easy to handle, folding flat for easy storage.