Pots, pots, pots...

It can be hard for us to keep up with the comings and goings of our huge selection of pots. We have a diverse and varied range of indoor and outdoor pots. Our selection is always changing, and we have pot covers (ie pots without holes), as well as pots for alpines, bulbs, bonsai, orchids, cacti and so on. Some are so small they are no bigger than a glass and some are so big and heavy they need three people to carry them. Here is just a brief snapshot of some of the pots that we currently have in stock (April 2018). 

IMG_7685 (1).jpgIMG_7869.jpg

pots dunboyne 4.jpgpots dunboyne 3.jpgpots dunboyne 2.jpgpots dunboyne 1.jpg

pots99.jpgartstone.jpgblue white china.jpgpots 101.jpgCacti_1.jpgpot light.jpg


pots5.jpgpots 2_1.jpgpots6.jpgpot7.jpg

Airfield 7.jpgBergspotter-Helena-2.jpg




Artstone pot.jpg

Our garden centres in Monkstown, Airfield (Dundrum) and Dunboyne are well worth visiting  - whether you're looking for something a little bit special... or even something quite ordinary. We stock fibreclay pots and window boxes; Artstone pots, window boxes, pot covers and hanging pots; indoor pots, pot covers, bowls, vases, cloches; very large terracotta pots for trees and shrubs; pot feet; German, Italian and Portugeuese terracotta pots; glazed pots from Vietnam, Thailand and China; Spang ceramic pots; Bergs Potter pots from Denmark..... the list is endless!