The power of petrol, minus the petrol

Drop into one of our shops in Monkstown, Airfield or Dunboyne to see the Ego PowerPlus range of garden tools. We have a selection in each shop, and we can deliver anywhere in the country with 2-3 days. See prices and browse the range.

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How to care for house plants

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‘House plants’ are not house plants everywhere in the world. Somewhere in the world, what we grow indoors is growing happily outdoors. Most plants that we grow indoors in Ireland are from tropical places with fairly stable temperatures. Within our homes, we can create different conditions to care for different types of plants.

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What Dubliners can learn from Hamburgers

When you are somewhere for a short time, and you explore, you come away with a few distinct impressions.

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Weedkiller Season Again

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It's summer and the sprayers are out again. Every year it's the same thing. People see lovely new growth and decide that the best thing to do with it is to spray it with weedkiller. It's a strange reaction because the weedkilled area looks terrible for months, and then a selection of the most aggressive weeds comes along when growth remumes again. There is no reasonable argument for it, yet for some strange reason it appears to be part of 'looking after one's property'. It's expensive, ugly, dangerous to your health, poisonous to animals, soil, water insects, labour intensive....

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