Lessons from Stockholm


If your interest is plants, and your business is selling them, then plant shops are exciting places. So, when we (Howbert & Mays) visted the trade fair 'Formex' in Stockholm, we were naturally very happy to see that this is a city that takes its plants seriously. The first inkling of this was the quantity of small plant shops dotted everywhere throughout the city. We loved this pretty, atmospheric window of begonias and cacti glowing on the dark street.

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The QUIET gardening revolution

Sometimes you know that the world is out working in the garden just by the sounds and smells of engines. In the old days - meaning a long time ago - gardening must have been a fairly quiet activity: grass mown by sheep, and subsequently by mechanical mowers; hedges trimmed with shears and secateurs; trees felled with axes and saws; brambles cut with bill hooks and slashers.

ego lawnmower dublin_0.jpg


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What is Garden Design?

What is garden design? When it's something you have been doing for more than fifteen years, it's a question you often ask yourself. On the one hand, the phrase 'garden design' is frequently one of the services offered by a landscaper. That's a bit like a builder offering to design your home or a mechanic offering to redesign your car. (There are probably lots of exceptions where this works out very well.) On the other hand, there are 'garden designers' who don't know much about plants.

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Pots, pots, pots...

It can be hard for us to keep up with the comings and goings of our huge selection of pots. We have a diverse and varied range of indoor and outdoor pots. Our selection is always changing, and we have pot covers (ie pots without holes), as well as pots for alpines, bulbs, bonsai, orchids, cacti and so on. Some are so small they are no bigger than a glass and some are so big and heavy they need three people to carry them. Here is just a brief snapshot of some of the pots that we currently have in stock (April 2018). 

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The power of petrol, minus the petrol

Drop into one of our shops in Monkstown, Airfield or Dunboyne to see the Ego PowerPlus range of garden tools. We have a selection in each shop, and we can deliver anywhere in the country with 2-3 days. See prices and browse the range.

cordless garden tools ireland.jpg   

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