Malus domestica 'James Grieve'

Apple 'James Grieve'

Price: €29.00

'James Grieve' is a reliable, early season apple which can be used for cooking or as a desert apple. This is an old variety from Scotland which is particularly juicy. Although once a very popular apple, it is out of favour with the supermarkets as it bruises easily. A good pollinator for other apples, reliable and disease resistant. In our own garden in Wicklow this tree generally produces more apples than any other. For pollination, plant near 'Beauty of Bath', 'Discovery', 'Egremont Russett', 'Herefordshire Russett', 'Saturn' or 'Worcester Pearmain'. Grown on M9 rootstock for compact growth (2-3 m spacing between plants) and high yields. Well-branched 2 year old tree in a 10L container. Please note, items displayed on this website may not be available in each of our shops. (A)