• Phyllostachys nigra
Phyllostachys nigra

Black bamboo

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'Black bamboo' is an elegant bamboo with glossy, black stems and narrow  green leaves. Its black stems have made it one of the iconic garden plants, and it grows well in the Irish climate, provided it has shelter from strong winds - particularly easterly winds in winter and spring. Remember to keep bamboos well-watered if they are recently planted. Once established, they tolerate most soils, but require moisture and benefit from organic matter such as manure. Remember, bamboos do lose some of their leaves every year and can have brown tips on the leaves in spring and early summer. They normally attain 2 - 3 m in this climate, but this can be higher in the right location. See more options for screens and hedges...  7-10 litre pots, 120-150cms tall. 

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