Prunus spinosa

Blackthorn, Draigean, Sloe (bare root 60-90cms)

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Blackthorn is a native Irish shrub or small tree with produces creamy white flowers in spring and tart black fruit (sloes) in autumn. The flowers appear before the leaves, which is a key distinguishing difference between it and whitethorn / hawthorn. It is a tough and resilient plant which is most often seen in hedgerows; its sharp thorns make it an ideal choice for a natural stock-proof barrier, and it can be trimmed to keep it compact. It can cope with many soil conditions and levels of exposure, as well as at the woodland's edge where it makes an attractive small tree up to 4 metres. The fruit is frequently mixed with gin and sugar to make 'sloe gin'. The wood is also the traditional wood of the shilelagh, a traditional Irish club / walking stick.

  • Sturdy bare root plants.
  • 60-90 cms tall.
  • Available November to March only.

Note on delivery: Due to the labour and handling involved, bare root orders can take 3-4 weeks. We email you before delivery so that you will know when to expect delivery. Trees are carefully wrapped and are delivered via DPD couriers. Read more on bare root plants...