Salix exigua

Coyote willow, Sandbar willow, Narrowleaf willow

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This willow is native to most of North America, and has long, delicate silver grey leaves and catkins in late spring - a very graceful and airy plant. It can produce suckers and grow into a thicket, making it ideal for damp or sandy areas, or areas which require soil stabilisation such as streambanks or sand dunes. It does not mind being washed over with water. We have used it at the back of borders, where the always-moving silver-grey foliage is most striking. It can be cut down regularly to keep in in check. For Native Americans this plant had many uses: branches were used as flexible building materials; twigs were used to make baskets; bark was made into cord and string; and the bark and leaves had several medicinal uses. 3 L container.

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