Clematis armandii

Evergreen clematis

Price: €12.95

One of the most highly-prized evergreen climbers, with clusters of white flowers in late spring and early summer. Clematis armandii is a fast-growing, evergreen climber with long, glossy dark green leaves and masses of scented white flowers in spring and summer. Best grown against a sheltered sunny wall in fertile, well-drained but moist soil, it is a vigorous and adaptable plant. It is also suitable for a container, provided it's large enough, where it makes a very useful plant for patios, terraces or balconies. It requires support from wires, trellis or a fence. It requires little pruning, but any damaged or dead growth should be removed after flowering. 3 litre container / 80-100 cms cane. Please note: items displayed on this website may not be in stock in each of our shops.