Phacelia tanacetifolia, green manure

Phacelia seed, organic

Price: €7.95

One of our favourite green manure plants. It is a fast-growing annual green manure that germinates at low temperatures. It will grow up to 1m in height, is cold-tolerant and can over-winter if it's not too cold. Suitable for most soil types. It has beautiful purple-blue flowers and is listed as one of the top twenty honey-producing plants for bees. The flowers also make good cutting-flowers. A green manure is a crop which is sown with the aim of nourishing and protecting the soil. They feed the soil, improve soil structure and reduce erosion. Sow March to September. Certified organic seed, IE-ORG-03. 200 gms, sufficient for 75-90 sq metres. (A) (M)