Green manure - Trifolium repens

White clover, organic

Price: €7.95

A green manure is a crop which is sown with the aim of nourishing and protecting the soil. Summer sown varieties give the soil a healing rest while autumn-sown varieties feed the soil, improve soil structure and reduce erosion. White clover can be mixed with grass seed when you sow a lawn in your garden, which makes a nice alternative to straightforward grass - it is essential for organic farmers wanting to feed their pastures organically. It fixes nitrogen, thus feeding the soil, and has masses of white flowers in summer which attract bees and butterflies - so watch where you are walking. Sow April to August.  Certified organic seed. Organic certification IE-ORG-03 250 gms packet, sufficient for c.200 sq m. Please note, items displayed on this website may not be available in each of our shops.  (M)