Art no. 3031

Serrated Farmer's Dagger by DeWit

Price: €48.00

A heavy duty, all-purpose garden knife. It easily slices through soil, like a cross between a knife and a trowel. An all-purpose and indestructible garden tool. From opening bags and taking out deep weeds to dividing plants and planting bulbs - it's strong enough for almost any task. If you only take one tool into the garden this is it. 

  • Dimensions: Total lenght and width: 13" x 1.5", Blade: 6.5" x 1.5"
  • All-purpose, heavy-duty serrated garden knife
  • Can be compared to a Hori Hori knife
  • Heavy duty 5mm thick blade; sharpened on both sides
  • All DeWit products have a lifetime guarantee
  • Made from carbon steel and then burnished; this not only helps to protect the steel for longer but gives it a handsome patina. DeWit tools use handles of turned and oiled ash.

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