Garden compost

Compost / soil improver

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Garden compost, made in Ireland from recycled green waste. Perfect as a top-dressing on poor soils or for digging into beds. Available in 1 ton bags.

  • Improves soil structure by adding additional organic matter, making it easier to work.
  • Easy to work with, whether to dig in or spread.
  • Slowly releases essential plant nutrients.
  • Improves nutrient, water and air holding capacity of soil.
  • Increases root development in plants.
  • Provides a food source for beneficial micro organisms
  • Extends plant life in periods of drought by helping to retain moisture.
  • Specifications: finely screened and virtually weed free; peat free and 100% natural; produced to QAS 441 Irish Quality Standard

€30.00 delivery charge, applicable on any order which contains a bulk item such as this. Price is per 1 ton bag.