Bark mulch: fine grade (1 cubic metre bag)

Price: €75.00
Delivery only in Dublin, Wicklow, Kildare or Meath.

Summer 2021: Deliveries will be made 7-8 days following receipt of your order. This fine grade bark mulch brings a very smart look to your beds. It stays in place, suppresses weeds, improves the soil, reduces water loss, increases soil temeratures. It's the best bark mulch we know of.It lasts for at least a year adn does not blow around easily. It even smells good. Made from fine-grade, well composted bark from Irish forests.

  • Protects soil from rain, sun & temperature extremes
  • Promotes healthy plant growth & keeps down weeds
  • Long-lasting, attractive finish that does not blow about
  • One cubic meter is suitable for approx 30 square metres
  • €30 delivery charge per order for bulky items, regardless of how much or what item is ordered.  Delivery is generally 6-7 days from receipt of order.