Ballylusk blinding grit / dust (1 ton bag)

Price: €89.00
Delivery only in Dublin, Wicklow, Kildare or Meath.

Summer 2021: Deliveries will be made 7-8 days following receipt of your order. This is the ideal base below gravel, that forms a seal over the 'sub-base' such as rubble or hardcore. Especially popular as a base below Ballylusk or Glenview gravel. This material is known as  'dust' or 'blinding grit' and should be compacted before gravel is put on top of it. This product is made from crushed Ballylusk gravel which, when compacted, forms a hard layer. Use a vibrating plate or 'whacker' to do this, or attach a heavy board to a rake head. It should be layed a minimum 2.5 cms deep / 1 inch. 1 ton will cover approximately 25 - 30 square metres to this depth. €30.00 delivery charge, applicable once on any order which contains heavy items such as this.