Grazers deer & grazing animal repellent, 750ml

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For many gardeners, their job is made all the more difficult by damage caused by grazing animals such as rabbits, deer and wild birds. This safe and effective product renders plants unpallettable to grazing animals. Highly concenyrated, it is diltured and sprayed onto the foliage of plants during growth. Grazers ingredients are a combination of trace elements formulated to taste repulsive, and deter, animals from eating the plants. It is completely safe to pets, wildlife and the environment. In fact, its main ingredient is a form of calcium. Suitable for roses, perennials, fruit trees, trees, shrubs, and all plants. Grazers was discovered, trialled and developed in the UK. 750ml bottle treats up to 2 hectares. Please note, items displayed on this website may not be available in each of our shops.