Rootzone mix for lawns, 1 ton bag

Price: €79.00
Delivery only in Dublin, Wicklow, Kildare or Meath.


Summer 2021: Deliveries will be made 7-8 days following receipt of your order. Rootzone' is a blend of 30% screened topsoil and 70% horticultural-grade sand. It makes a good underlay for a level, hard-wearing & free-draining roll-out lawn. It improves drainage and enables lawns to be laid over soil which is wet or waterlogged, leading to a healthier, firmer lawn. It has been stored under dry conditions and should not be handled or applied when wet. With a good ratio of sand to soil it stimulates root development whilst providing nutrients. It is easy to rake to a smoth & level surface as a lawn underlay. See our detailed instructions on how to lay a lawn. 1 ton is sufficient for 25-40 square metres, depending on depth. Some stones are present, and this is natural / does not effect the performance. Supplied in a one ton sack, meaning that it can be cleanly and efficiently be left on your pavement or parking area. €30.00 delivery charge per order for bulky items, regardless of how much or what item is ordered.