Lawn sand for top-dressing - 1 ton bags

Price: €69.00
Delivery only in Dublin, Wicklow, Kildare or Meath.

Clean, lime-free sand, suitable for top-dressing lawns or for play sand. This washed, lime-free sharp sand is used on golf courses or sports pitches and can also be used on your home lawn, improving surface drainage. It should be evenly spread or brushed over grass to a depth of a 1-2 cms. The lawn should be recently cut and, if possible aerated before sand is applied. When applying, rake into the surface of the grass and be sure to leave a level surface. Top-dressing with sand is most suitable for lawns with heavy, compacted or clay soils. Best time to apply is autumn or spring. Some peat moss or potting compost can also be applied at the same time. This sand is also useful as a base layer when laying a lawn over wet soil that needs a firm layer (2-3 cms) to make it more solid and improve drainage. One bag will cover 40-60 square metres, depending on depth. This sand is also suitable as a play sand for sand pits.                          

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