Art at Howbert & Mays Clare Street

May 2021 When we opened our Clare Street shop - formerly Greene's Bookshop - we knew that it couldn't be just a plant and garden shop. The building was too special for that. Of course, we love plants and everything to do with them, and they are a main theme for this shop. But with our proximity to the National Gallery, as well as a number of other galleries as our neighbours, it made sense to use the high ceilings and lovely light for displaying and selling works of art. We could bring together the things we love most: plants, art and beautiful homewares.... all in an elegant setting

Art is usually purchased in a gallery environment, away from day-to-day items. People see it on empty walls and spaces, away from 'clutter' such as furniture, lights, cushions, plants, books..... yet we bring it home to be part of our lived-in homes. What we are doing here in Clare Street is showing art in a more realistic environment, surrounded by the trimmings of domestic life. Of course, most of us don't live in lovely Gerorgian houses, but many of us aspire to surround ourselves with beautiful colours, plants and furnishings.

Our selection of artworks is based on the same principle that we use to select everything else that we sell: that we love it, that it is quality and that it will last. Much of what we display is nature-themed, in the broadest possible way. We are fortunate to have a skilled and experienced gallerist as our collaborator, Alison Deeny. Alison's years spent working in galleries means that we have works from some well established artists such as Clement McAleer RUA, David Crone RUA and K K Godsee. We also have pieces - no less wonderful - from artists you may be less likely to have heard of. We don't just have landscapes and flowers: but there is often a connection with the natural world. Our selection changes regularly, and everything is for sale - you can take it away on the day if you wish, along with a bag of potting compost and a flower pot! 

Should you require any additional support surrounding the framing, hanging or sourcing of any pieces - either that you see in our premises, or that you wish to aquire - please contact us. Alison Deeny will be happy to deal with your request and can arrange a private consultation.

Art Dub 8.jpg

Clement McAleer, Railway Sighting

Art Dub 7.jpg

David Crone RUA, Dark Plants

canning 2.jpg

Caroline Canning, Summer Trees

Art Dub 6.jpg

Trina Hobson, Of the Earth

Art Dub 3.jpg

Trina Hobson, Narcissus and Memento Mori

Art Dub 4.jpg

Anne Butler, Shadowlines

Art Dub 2.jpg

Art Dub 9.jpg

K K Godsee, Open Container series

Art Dub 10.jpg

Clement McAleer RUA, Shoreline 2019 (top) and Land Series (bottom)