Garden design service (Dublin)

(January 2020)  Many people need help and advice with their garden. It could be a new house on a new site with a blank, empty garden. Or it could be an overgrown wreck. In either case, sometimes a 'design' isn't what you need. What you need is 'help'. Whatever the situation, getting professional advice means that you avoid mistakes, are well-informed and are either ready to do it yourself, or you know what you need someone else to do. We have been designing gardens in and around Dublin for over 15 years, and are of course professionally trained, including full membership of the Garden and Landscape Designers Association (GLDA). Visit our Portfolio page...

For smaller gardens or new gardens, we suggest an in-store consultation. The cost is €60, duration is approx 45 minutes.  We would ask you to bring photos of your garden, either printed or on a phone / ipad. During an in-store consultation, we can make suggestions on: layout; basic shapes of paving, lawn, beds; advice on screening and increasing privacy; planting suggestions for perennials, grasses, shrubs and trees; how to improve soil; calculate a reasonable budget for what you have in mind; how to sequence the job. You need to book an appointment, generallly within 2 weeks, by using the CONTACT button above. Following the consultation, we give you a 10% off single use voucher, to any value, for use in any of our three shops, at any point. There is no obligation to use it. This may well help you on your way to a more beautiful garden.

For medium sized or more complicated gardens, we suggest a consultation in your own garden. The cost is €250, duration is approx 2 hours. We only have a limited number of slots per month, so cannot always offer this service. Depending on the size of your garden and the scope of your ambitions, we generally cover the following topics: identify existing plants (if any) and point out what is and isn't worth keeping; advise on practical matters such as soil quality, drainage etc; come up with a broad outline of a design, sketched on the spot; make notes of suggested plants, eg key trees and shrubs; suggest specialists such as tree surgeons, shed suppliers, quality landscapers to carry out paving, planting etc - we have an extensive contact list of trusted landscapers. Most of the consultations give people the framework and plan for them to progress, along with our recommended contacts. There are gardens all around Dublin that are done following one of our consultations. Following the consultation, we give you a 10% off single use voucher, to any value, for use in any of our three shops, at any point. There is no obligation to use it.

Finally, following a consultation (in-store or on-site) we are sometimes asked to carry out a supply, layout and planting service. We can provide beautiful, succesful planting schemes, as well as the people to instal them, using your 10% discount against the plants. We use the same healthy, reliable and unusual plants that we sell in our shops. The work is carried out by dedicated, knowledgeable gardeners who understand plants and who take care that everything is done correctly. We are only in a position to offer this following a paid consultation.

consultation 1.jpg

Most gardens we visit start out looking something like this (Mount Merrion).

garden consultation rathgar.jpg

Why should people know how to turn this into a beautiful garden? (Rathgar)

consultation blackrock.jpg

Grey concrete walls abound: this 'garden' needed everything, from soil to plants. The thing is, what style, what plants, who could do it, what would it cost, would it succeed? (Blackrock)

garden sketch 1.jpg

An example of a levels / hard landscaping layout proposal done at an on-site garden consultation, Ranelagh.

consultation sandymount.jpg

Another example of a layout sketch, done during a garden consultation. This level of drawing isn't always possible, because there could be other things more pressing to take up the time! (Sandymount)

Garden plan copy.jpg

Another proposed layout sketch, Donnybrook.