New stock Airfield 16th January 2020


(January 2020) Our Airfield shop has just received a delivery of Camellias, Magnolias, fruit trees, roses, climbers and shrubs. One of our favourites is Daphne 'Jaqueline Postill'. We have it in our unheated polytunnel, and the moment you walk in you are overwhelmed with its beautiful fragrance. It can, however be brought outside at this time of the year, where you will smell it every time you walk by.

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Garden design service (Dublin)

(January 2020)  Many people need help and advice with their garden. It could be a new house on a new site with a blank, empty garden. Or it could be an overgrown wreck. In either case, sometimes a 'design' isn't what you need. What you need is 'help'. Whatever the situation, getting professional advice means that you avoid mistakes, are well-informed and are either ready to do it yourself, or you know what you need someone else to do.

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Tips and advice on looking after your Christmas tree

Seed choosing time- January 2020

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January can be dull and dreary, but the days are getting brighter and it is time to start planning the garden, especially which seeds you want to sow this year. Both our Airfield and Dunboyne shops now have a great selection of Thompson and Morgan seeds available including herbs, peas & beans, organic seeds, plants for pollinators, flowers and vegetables. 

Our favourites are:

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