Gardena 'Sileno City' 250

Gardena robotic lawnmower

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Special offer: 35% off recomended retail price. 'Robot lawnmowers' have become increasingly popular in the last few years, and for good reason. They involve no work on your part, are silent, efficient, economical and hassle free. You instal a wire in the ground around your lawn (included with the mower), and the mower does its work in all weathers, cutting the grass on a regular basis. Because it cuts the grass so often, there are no trmmings to remove. If there is a ball or an obstacle in the way, that's no problem: it simply moves elsewhere. It's also very good at getting into hard to reach places like narrow paths or under trampolines, as well as on slopes up to 25%. It recharges itself, parks itself and generally takes care of your lawn for you. Made by German company Gardena, this model is suitable for small to medium-sized of lawns up to 250 square metres. Read all about it on the Gardena website. Very low maintenance, with service available, if necessary, from most mower service centres. Price includes delivery throughout Ireland.