Green Cone food waste digester

Price: €149.00
Dispose of food waste cleanly & economically, without the need for a brown bin. We are the official supplier of Green Cones in Ireland - nationwide delivery for just €9.95, or collect from our shop in Airfield Estate, Dundrum - 5 minutes from the M50. They are an efficient way of disposing of food waste, raw or cooked, including meat, vegetables and other leftover foods. Simply instal in a sunny, well-drained part of the garden. You put the food into the top and the food is 'digested' by bacteria and melts away into the soil. The dual-layer outer construction creates a warm inner envirnment favouravle to the bacteria. One digester is suitable for a regular 3-4 person household, and it does need to be installed in a bright location. Tried and tested for over 20 years, it can reduce your disposable waste by up to 30%. It is easy to use and makes economic and environmental sense. Mode details on the Green Cone, plus answers to your questions, can be found here: "Get a Green Cone. Partially buried in your garden, the solar heated unit takes all cooked and uncooked food waste and breaks it down into its natural components. It can reduce household waste by about 25% (The Irish Times) Price includes:
  • 1 Green Cone with lid and fixings
  • 1 sachet of accelerator powder
  • Counter-top compost caddy