Our Monkstown shop

In 2012 we were passing through Monkstown and saw a 'TO LET' sign on the window of a closed down hire centre. For a couple of years we had been running an online garden centre from our own home (Delivering Your Garden, or DYG for short) and were running out of space. This looked like the ideal place to run the business from, so we called the landlord, struck a good deal and opened our first shop. Delivering Your Garden was a clunky name for a shop, so we used our own surnames. Plus, we had already been running our garden design business as 'Howbert &Mays'.monkstown shop interior 2.jpg

Monkstown is a great village, right by the sea, near Dublin city centre, with beautiful houses and gardens in abundance. Our building was a hidden gem, because the 'yard' that came with it was in fact a beautiful south-facing walled garden with high granite walls, a gate onto the street and and a door into the shop. We created a small, suburban garden centre with a big range in a relatively small space. We bought most of our plants in sixes and eights, so that despite not being huge, we had a bigger diversity of plants than some garden centres many times our size. We selected only the plants that we loved and that we knew grew well in the area, buying from the Irish growers we had come to know in our years as garden designers. We never stocked chemical fertilisers or pesticides, but instead offered alternatives that did the same job in a kinder way.Thanks to our customers, our stock turned over so fast that everything was always fresh, and we had new and exciting things coming and going all the time.

Luckily, we are still here doing the same thing. We love and know our customers well, and we try our best to keep the stock ever-changing and interesting. Monkstown has a special atmosphere. It can get very busy at times, but we have a dedicated team, many of whom have been here since we opened. There is not a plant-related question that one of our team will not be able to answer. Indoors, we have a big selection of house plants, soaking up light from the windows that run the length of the shop. Somehow or other, we manage to fit in an enormous range of plants, pots, tools, cards, candles, mats, feeds, seeds, garden furniture and all things garden-related. As with our other shops, we run deliveries from this shop one or two times a week, so if you show up on foot and want an olive tree delivered, that's no problem.

Finally, Monkstown has a whole range of other places worth visiting. There are numerous cafes, restaurants, bars and pubs. There are a couple of excellent interiors shops, including then long-established 'Blue Door'. There is a butcher, a fish shop, an Avoca food shop, a pharmacy, clothes shop, funeral home, fabric shop, wine shop, psychotherapy centre, chiropactor,& medical centre, newsagent, hoover repair centre, hairdresser, dry-cleaner and bathroom shop...... there's also parking in abundance. Just make sure you pay, because this is one of the best pitches in Dublin for the parking guys, and they don't miss a trick.

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Monkstown shop interior 1.jpg

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