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HugRugs are one of the best-selling items in our shops, and we uderstand why. They are highly absorbent, thin, washable mats. They're made in the UK and come in a big range of designs and colours. Suitable for front and back doors, under kitchen sicks where dripping hands and dirty feet can make a mess...  they're an ideal way of keeping dirt from getting too far into the home. Most designs are available is 2 sizes: 65 x 85cms or 65 x 105cms (runners). Please drop into one of our shops to browse our selection - if there is one particular design that you want, we can order it in for you.

  • They can absorb over 4 times their own weight in water without letting any water through onto the floor!
  • Traps up to 95% of dust, wet mud and dirt.
  • Easy to clean, becoming more absorbent with each wash.
  • Face fabric – 90% cotton recycled from the clothing industry combined with 10% advanced dirt trapping microfibres
  • Base fabric – made from recycled drink bottles & bottle tops
  • Reverse – a range of recycled rubber backings produced from discarded tyres
  • Manufactured in the UK at a plant approved by the Carbon Trust.
  • 100% recyclable at the end of life – cradle to cradle ethos
  • Organic printing inks – made from recycled materials and pure Yorkshire water – with GOTS standard (Global Organic Textile Standard).

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