Malus 'Beauty of Bath'

Apple 'Beauty of Bath'

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'Beauty of Bath' is an old, early-fruiting variety of apple, producing fruit as early as August. It has a distinctive sharp taste. It is an old English variety dating from the middle of the nineteenth century. Because of its relatively short shelf life it is uncommon in supermarkets - a shame, as it is a tasty and juicy variety. For pollination (ie more fruit), plant near 'Cox's Orange Pippin', 'Egremont Russet', 'Grenadier', 'James Grieve', 'Kerry Pippin', 'Saturn' or 'Worcester Pearmain'. Grown on M9 rootstock for compact growth (2-3 m spacing between plants) and high yields. 5-6ft tall plants in a 10L container. Please note, items displayed on this website may not be available in each of our shops.