Arbutus unedo

Strawberry tree, Caithne

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One of Ireland's most unique, unusual and beautiful native trees. The Arbutus unedo is an evergreen tree which bears round red edible fruit during the summer and winter. As well as its small, glossy-green leaves and red fruit, this tree has clusters of small white, pleasantly scented bell-shaped flowers throughout the summer and into autumn, as well as  attractive red bark. It thrives near the sea, and grows wild in south-west Ireland, to where it is native (along with an area of Portuguese coast). It requires acidic soil and is tolerant of seaside conditions. Eventual size up to 4 x 4 m. 40-50cms tall plant in a 3 litre container:  See more Arbutus images...  Plants displayed on this website may not be available in each of our shops.