Phyllostachys 'Aureocaulis'

Golden bamboo, 12L pot

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A tall, clump-forming bamboo with yellow canes - perfect for an instant screen where height is required. Excellent for a garden screen, a showy specimen as part of larger planting scheme. This bamboo, like most bamboos, prefers good, fertile soil which retains some moisture, particularly when establishing. Once established it is very resilient and the leaves survive the winter with very little damage. This bamboo can grow to 4 metres in height if planted in the right spot, making it an excellent plant for anyone wanting to create privacy in their garden. Lower leaves and small stems can be removed at the base, up to any desired height, to expose the showy stems. The addition of home-made compost or farmyard manure will help the plant establish. 12 litre pot, 150-175cms tall. Plants displayed on this website are not necessarily in stock in each of our shops