Cotoneaster horizontalis


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Love bees = love this plant. We have seen hedges of this plant that are literally humming with the sound of thousands of bees. Cotoneaster horizontalis is very a versatile, popular and resilient shrub which can grow vertically up a wall, cover the ground or spill down banks and slopes. Ideal for difficult situations, poor soil or areas requiring very low maintenance. It is an adaptable and tough plant, maybe not considered 'fashionable' any more, and is best when planted in sun or light shade. Berries and leaf colour are spectacular in autumn and early winter, and berries are popular with birds. This plant also lends itself to being tightly clipped agaist walls, where it folds over the top and can look smart. Deciduous. For a groundcover, plant approximately 1 plant per square metre. As a hedge, plant against a wall or fence 40-50 cms apart. 2 litre pots. Plants displayed on this website are not necessarily in stock in each of our shops.