Daphne bholua 'Jacqueline Postill'

'Jacqueline Postil' Daphne

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'Jaqueline Postill' produces intensely fragrant flowers which are pink on the outside and white within. Healthy and substantial specimens of this very choice winter-flowering shrub. This highly scented plant forms an upright evergreen shrub.  It will thrive in fertile, free draining soil provided it is not too dry, in sun or light shade. It makes an ideal shrub for the smaller garden because it is slow growing and flowers during the late winter when most other plants are dormant. Plant near a door or garden gate to get the most out of it. Daphnes hate transplanting and should only be pruned when absolutely necessary. Growing to a height of 2 m. Plants not in bloom at time of purchase. 7.5 litre pot. Plants 60-90cms