Myrtus communis subsp. tarentina

'Tarantina' dwarf myrtle

Price: €16.95

A compact shrub with fragrant evergreen foliage. Suitable for sun or light shade with well-drained soil, even near the sea. The subspecies 'tarantina' has very small leaves, and can be kept clipped as a low hedge (as seen here in Inishbeg Gardens near Baltimore, Co Cork), or allowed to grow into a small specimen up to 150 high and wide. Plant somewhere where you will brush past it, as the scent comes when the leaves are rubbed. A good alternative to box hedging, it should be planted c 40 cms apart and trimmed very lightly in the first year to encourage denser growth. 2-3 litre pot, 20-25cms tall. Plants displayed on this website may not be available in each of our shops.