Rhododendron 'Lady Alice Fitzwilliam'

'Lady Alice Fitzwilliam' rhododendron

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A deliciously fragrant rhododendron that is rarely available: we have a limited supply of this special plant. This Rhododendron has strongly perfumed white flowers in late spring and early summer, opening from pink buds. The scent fills the surrounding area and is exquisite - every garden should have at least one. Plant in a sheltered spot or in a container (in ericaceous compost). Also suitable for an unheated conservatory. Very hardy, but keep out of strong or drying winds. Attractive leaves have a downy underside. Height and spread 2 x 2 m. A very choice plant for the late spring garden. Irish-grown, 40-50cms tall plants in a 4 litre pot. Please note: items displayed on this website may not be in stock in each of our shops.