Fargesia robusta 'Campbell'

Robusta bamboo screen, 'Green-Screen' bamboo

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A tall, upright, vigorous and non-invasive bamboo: suited as a specimen or for a fast, vertical screening plant. Fargesia is a very hardy bamboo species which grows as a clump, rather than sending out troublesome 'runners' which have give some bamboo species a bad name. This particular variety ('Campbell') is particularly vertical, and has an attractive pale 'sheath' on the stem, giving an appealing green and white effect. Well suited to the Irish climate, this bamboo is particularly suited to screening where a vertical, upright habit is desired. Good wind resistance too, though like most bamboos it prefers a spot out of very strong winds. Suitable for sun or shade in fertile, moist but well-drained soil. Keep well watered when establishing. Also excellent in a container. These bamboos are are Irish-grown specimens, well adapted to our climate and in excellent condition. 10 itre container. 3-4ft tall. Please note, items displayed on this website may not be available in each of our shops.