Hippophae rhamnoides

Sea buckthorn plants (bare root 40-60cms)

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Sea buckthorn is one of the toughests plants for the seaside. An excellent plant for seaside windbreaks, and often the 'first line of defence' against difficult maritime conditions, it can grow in sandy soil, wet or dry, and withstand salty, seaside conditions. It is a 'nitrogen fixer' so it can tolerate poor soil. Its silver leaves make it an attractive, willow-llike plant, and it has thorns which mean that, if trimmed annually, it can make an effective barrier hedge. Orange berries in autumn are retained over the winter and are a valuable source of food for some bird species. There are many culinary, cosmetic and medicinal uses for this plant. Plants should be planted in small groups or as a hedge. For a hedge, space plants 50-60 cms apart and be sure not to damage the base when controlling grass whilst they establish.

  • Bare root plants 40-60 cms tall.
  • Mix of male and female plants (not distinguishable until mature).
  • Available November to March only.

Note on delivery: Due to the labour and handling involved, bare root orders can take 3-4 weeks. We email you before delivery so that you will know when to expect delivery. Trees are carefully wrapped and are delivered via courier. Read more on bare root plants...