Cornus alba 'Sibirica'

'Sibirica' red twig dogwood, bare root

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The 'Sibirica' dogwood has the reddest twig of all dogwoods, making it one of the best plants for winter colour. This extra-red variety of dogwood is used in gardens and also along roadsides. It is a tough, bushy plant, tolerant of most soil conditions and environments. Stems develop the best colour when planted in a sunny spot. To encourage vigorous, strongly-coloured stems, cut down about a third of the stems each year in late winter. In leaf, the stems disappear, making this an attractive suckering shrub up to 2 m in height. For a dense ground cover, plant 1 plant per 1.5 -2 square metres and keep weed-free while establishing.

  • Bare-root plants with well-established root system.
  • 40-60cms tall. 
  • Available November to March only. 

Please note: bare root plants are generally delivered within 3-7 working days. Read more about planting and storing bare root plants.