Krinner art no 94145

Christmas tree stand Premium XL

Price: €99.00

Krinner make the best Christmas tree stands in the world. Suitable for taller trees up to 300 cms. Fast, fool-proof, sturdy and practical. Made in Germany, these stands  make putting up your tree very simple. Just place your tree in the open stand and pump the foot pedal until the claws have firm contact to the trunk and the tree stands absolutely firm and straight. Krinner art no 94145

  • For trees up to 3 M tall and base of max 12 cms.
  • Holds up to 4.5 litres of water
  • Weight 6kgs
  • Bell 'dings' when the tree is securely fastened.
  • Fast nationwide delivery (€9.95 per order, not per item)

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