Mo Bacter moss killer & lawn food, 4kg

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'Mo-Bacter' is probably the most requested and effective moss killer for lawns in Ireland. It is a completely natural and highly effective way to remove moss in lawns, with no blackening and no damage caused to any surrounding plants. It also acts as a slow-release natural lawn fertiliser that feeds for approx 100 days. This unique formula uses bacteria to kill moss, and then to 'digest' the dead moss, meaning that there is no blackening or further moss removal required. Very easy to use and safe for pets, children and wildlife. Apply Spring to Autumn or when average air temperature is above 12 degrees centigrade. 4 kg box, suitable for approx 40 square metres. Please note, this item is not available for delivery. Most items are generally in stock in our shops, but we cannot guarantee availability at all times in all locations.