Camellia 'Princess Baciocchi'

'Princesse Baciocchi' camellia

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Camellia are elegant, flowering shrubs, ideal for containers or sheltered, even shady spots. They have glossy dark green leaves and an abundance of showy flowers ranging from red to pink to white to yellow in early spring. They require acid soil, light or dappled shade and shelter from strong winds. Soil should be moist, rich in organic matter and well-mulched with leaf-mould or bark mulch, and if planted in a pot should be in ericaceous compost. 'Princess Baciocchi' has velvety outer petals and some small white bands on the interior petals. First cultivated in Italy in the 1840s. 60-70cms tall plants. Please note: items displayed on this website may not be in stock in each of our shops.