Christmas tree (Nordman fir)

Price: €60.00

Order your top-quality Christmas tree now, for delivery or collection - our customers will verify that these are theist Christmas trees in Dublin. We have made it very easy to pre-order your tree. Select the size from the drop-down menu. Proceed through the checkout, where you can select which of our shops you would like to collect from, or you can select delivery. We buy only from one grower in West Wicklow, who exports his 'premium' trees all over Europe. They are non-shed, well-formed, full, straight & glossy: the very best available. Did you know that there are numerous 'grades' of Christmas trees, from the cheaper 'wonky' ones to the 'premium' ones for export and the upper end of the Irish market?
A few things to know about ordering your tree from us:
- In stock from 1st of December onwards.
- Order your tree now, and we can hold it until you need it.
- We will tag your tree, and chose a good tree for you, but it will be wrapped when you receive it and we cannot unwrap it or exchange it for another tree.
- We can ONLY deliver to your door, and cannot enter your home. Please do not ask our driver to do so.
- We recommend the fabulous Krinner tree stands. For best results, the base should be trimmed within an hour of putting it in a water-filled stand.
- If you want us to drill a hole in the base of your tree, that's no problem - just ask.