Ligustrum ovalifolium

Evergreen privet (bare root)

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A popular evergreen hedge plant that is neat, tidy, hardy and trouble-free. Along with holly, it is one of the very few hardy evergreen plants suitable for a hedge in city, suburb or countryside. A very reliable choice for a suburban hedge. It is fast-growing (though not too fast), looks neat when trimmed annually and is a pleasant shade of green. It creates privacy quickly and economcally, is mainly evergreen and also creates a good nesting habitat for birds. It will loose some leaves in cold winters. Plant in most soils and trim once or twice per year in late spring and autumn. Can grow to 5 metres. Suitable for most soils and sites. Very adaptable. 

  • Bare-root plants with well-established root system.
  • 60-90cms tall. 
  • Available November to March only. 

Please note: bare root plants are generally delivered within 3-7 working days. Read more about planting and storing bare root plants.