Eucryphia × nymansensis 'George Graham'

Nymans eucryphia 'George Graham'

Price: €22.00

Eucryphias are small to medium sized evergreen shrubs and small trees with atrractive pink or white flowers. This species has a broadly columnar shape and has large cup shaped fragrant white flowers from late summer to autumn, at a time when blooms in the garden are badly needed. 'George Graham' is named after the former head gardener at Castlewellan Estate in Northern Ireland. It is very similar in growth to 'Nymansay', but typically flowers 2 weeks later. They prefer well-drained, moist acidic soil, with shaded roots but upper branches in the sun. Eucryphias require shelter from cold drying winds, and are ideal for a woodland garden. Height to 12m, spread to 4m. 125-150cm tall trees in a 5L container. Plants displayed on this website are not necessarily in stock in each of our shops.