Great value plants

27th March 2020 We take pride in selling great value, as well as great quality, Irish grown plants in all three of our shops. Due to the Coronavirus we have seen a huge increase in online orders and we have decided to add a 'Value plants' category to our website. These are perennials, herbs and grasses which are in small pots, are easily shippable and quick to pack for us here. Buying plants in small pots means you get better value, you have to only dig a small hole and by the time summer comes around, your plants will be thriving in your garden. These plants are only available in small pots while the season allows them to be, which varies from plant to plant. Of course, these value plants will be available in our shops as well. If you come across any plants on our website which state they are 'Not for sale online', we are often not able to send them out by courier, either due to size or fragility, but they might be eligible for pick up or local delivery, so contact us to see what is possible. Keep safe and happy browsing. 

You can browse our value plants here.