'DuraOcean' table & chairs set (table & 2 chairs)

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Good-looking, simple garden furniture that is made entirely from recycled marine plastic and certified sustainable timber. Plastic rubbish - mainly fishing ropes ropes and nets -  is collected from harbour and marine industries, and is turned into plastic pellets. This is then moulded into the Dura-Ocean chairs. It can return to the recycling process at the end of its life. The wooden legs (Eucalyptus) can be screwed off, leaving no permanent residue at the end of their life cycle. The table is made entirely from FSC certified Eucalyptus. Can be left outdoors in all weathers, though we recommend bringing furniture under cover / indoors over the wetter winter months. Wooden 2-seater table is 66cm diameter and 75cm height. Please note: items displayed on this website may not be available in our shops.