Website update: plants etc temporarily not available online

We reopen our three shops on 18th May. Making them safe for staff and customers is taking a bit of time, so we have temporarily suspended the sale of plants, tools and most other items from our website.

home page may 2020 corona.jpg

We will reinstate them as soon as we can after reopening, and we plan for the website to again become a fast and convenient to get whatever you need for your garden. Delivery charge will remain at €10.00 per delivery, whatever is in it, wherever you are (in Dublin, Kildare, Wicklow and Meath). Bulky items that require a truck are €30.00 per delivery. 

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the many, many people who purchased from us online over the last 6 or 7 weeks. By doing this, you quite literally saved our business and the livelihoods of many staff and suppliers. We certainly tried our best, and we think that we got 95% of orders out in a speedy and organised way. There were a few that didn't go quite as planned, because we sold out of some items or they got damaged in transit - we apologise for that and hope we dealt with these cases reasonably. We sold the same diverse range of quality plants, tools, composts and garden accessories that we are known for, and we hope that they are now happy in your gardens.

When we reopen on the 18th of May, it won't be the same as it was before. Our shop in Airfield will be outside only for the time being, making it a very safe and 'airy' environment for all. Only limited numbers will be allowed in, so please come at off-peak times. In our Monkstown shop we will initally also keep customers outdoors only, restrict numbers, and have an 'express area' on the street where customers can purchase from us directly on the pavement from hand-held contactless devices. In our Dunboyne shop, Avoca will restrict the number of people allowed into the premises, so we will be able to maintain the usual airy spaciousness without crowds. In all three shops, we ask you to not expect the usual level of plant advice and service you receive from our staff. It will be a minimum contact, well-distanced environment, so please don't ask staff for advice which they are not in a position to give.

Thank you - and see you after the 18th of May.