Sweetly scented Jasmine

Jasminum polyanthum

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Highly fragrant flowers in early to mid summer on this prized evergreen climber. This is a plant for growing outdoors only in the mildest areas in Ireland, and we have seen it thriving in gardens around the coastal parts of Dublin over many years... the fragrance is unbeatable, and the white flowers and pink buds are beautiful. It should be planted against a south or west facing wall in a sheltered area, outdoors if near the coast. Would also be suitable for growing in a pot on a sunny, sheltered balcony or terrace. Otherwise, it will need to be an indoor plant, either in a conservatory year-round, or in the house for the winter and outdoors for the summer. Tall plants c 150-175cms tall in a 10litre container. Note, plants are not always in bloom at time of purchase.