Corten steel planter 'Atlas'

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A very solid, heavy planter, made from 2mm thick corten steel. Suitable for anywhere that you need an impressive focal point, especially somewhere requiring clean lines and a modern look. This steel develops a patina of rust over time that gives it its rich, warm and distinctive character.  Corten steel is a strong and durable alloy made of iron, with added copper, silicone, nickel and chromium. When exposed to the elements it will naturally weather, and develop a protective layer that provides against further corrosion. This pot is 600mm wide x 800mm tall. The rim around the top edge is 50mm wide, giving a total interior planting opening of 500mm. Total weight when unplanted is 29kgs. Note: it can take several months for this patina to attain full effect, and you can varnish the pot, if you wish, when it attains this, to prevent it staining your clothes. Also please note, this pot can stain paving surfaces whilst it develops its patina, so choose the location with this in mind. Display model in our shop in Airfield Estate, Dundrum.