Wall planter

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A wall-mounted planter for your home or garden, to make a 'living wall'. This simple but innovative planter can be attached to a wall. It consists of 6 planting holes, a drip tray at the base to prevent water spillage and a channel at the top for watering or feeding. Includes sphagnum moss growing media. Once planted, the unit should be kept flat / horizonatal for 7-10 days whilst the plants establish. Then, fix to a wall, fence etc the using the holes on the back. Choose plants such as herbs, small perennials or bedding plants for outdoors or small ferns and foliage plants for indoors - we have a good selection of plants in our shops. (Plants not included). Dimensions: 38 x 27x 7cm. Made by Ortis Green in Italy. Please note, items displayed on this website may not be available in each of our shops.