Kiln dried birch logs, 1.1M3

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Kiln-dried birch logs, delivered nationwide in 2-4 days: price includes delivery. Pallet contains 1.1M3 of tightly packed birch logs. Logs are cut to 20cms lengths, a useful length for most stoves. Moisture content is 15-20%, making them suitable for efficient, low-smoke modern stoves. Birch lights very easily and burns with a bright, clean flame. It can burn too fast for some tastes, but if you want an easy-to-light, hot and cheery fire, this is the log for you. We recommend peeling off some of the bark and using it as a firelighter. Once lit, let it burn on a high heat for a few minutes, and then dampen to prvent it from burning too fast. Please note delivery is to the front of house, and cannot be unloaded, stacked or moved across uneven surfaces such as gravel. Please leave delivery instructions on the 'order comments' when placing your order. You will receive a call from our logistics team prior to delivery. Finally, please be understanding and patient with your delivery driver - drivers are working very hard during a most difficult period. Show pallets on display in our Dundrum & Dunboyne shops.