'Shining Globe' garden light (solar power, 4 sizes)

Price: €75.00

Solar lights have a bad name because some of them are pretty rubbish. Not these ones. Made in Germany from top quality materials, they have a powerful battery and a clever solar collecter that is actually on a spike than can be anywhere up to 3 metres away. This means you can have the solar spike discreetly placed out of the way, and enjoy effective, long-lasting and attractive light pretty well anywhere. On most days, they burn with excellent light and for several hours into the night. They turn on automatically at dusk (via an in-built light sensor), but have an on/ off switch on the base if you'd prefer to turn off. Made from tough, UV resistant, weatherproof polyethelene, they bring a soft, warm, atmospheric light to any part of the garden. Please note: on a dark day in winter they don't work as well as they do on a bright, sunny day. Make sure you place the solar collecter in the sunniest spot you can, and point it in the optimal direction. Requires basic assembly. Available in 4 sizes: 30cm diameter, 40 cm diameter, 50cm diameter or 60cm diameter. Canble length 3m. Please note, items displayed on this website may not be available in all of our shops. Items in stock on the website are generally delivered within 5 working days.