'Globe' mini water feature

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A simple water feature, that bubbles away with the gentle sound of water. Requiring no care or attention: all you need is a power source / plug within approx 4 metres. Comprised of a grey glazed round pot with a flat plate on top. Fill with water, make it level, and it is ready to go. The pump is inside, and the water circulates within a closed system. You can adjust the amount of flow that goes through the pump. Internally, there is an overflow pipe. The cable enters the water feature by this pipe, and there is approx 400cms of cable included. A LED light sits in the centre from where the water bubbles, giving it a whole extra life after dark. Ideal for a small garden or enclosed courtyard... could even be used indoors in a sun room or conservatory.  The water feature comes fitted with a European 2-pin plug. You will need a simple 2-pin to 3-pin converter, available in any hardware or electrical shop. Dimensions (approx) 36cms wide x 30cms high.